Since 2015 I have collected names of women dealers (mostly in America), with a focus on the 1900–1950 period. I would love to hear from you if you have information on the names listed in bold, and/or if you are undertaking your own research on this dealer and their gallery/ activities. From January 2022 I will begin to add women dealers from other countries.


Most of these dealers, but not all, operated galleries or initiatives under their own name (an example of an exception is Anna Walinska).


In this list, for brevity, I have omitted the gallery name. The word "dealer" is an umbrella term; early dealers were often called gallerists, managers, and later, curators. 


For the purposes of this project, anybody who organized an exhibition—or ran an enterprise—where art was sold is considered a dealer (in the case of Mary Cassat, a proto-dealer). I have also included the names of women who founded Societies or Associations (Wheeler) or Expositions (Duane Gillespie), wherein art was sold, even if these societies look and operate differently to our present-day concept of a dealer-gallery system.


If you believe more names should be added to this list, please navigate to the contact page to get in touch. 

N.B. Country designates where the dealer predominantly operated; not their nationality. (Many Europeans emigrated to the US between 1900 and 1950). 

Black = American

Blue = French

Red = German

Annot [Jacobi]

Asher, Betty M. 

Boone, Mary

Borgenicht, Grace

Bryant, Harriet C. 

Cassat, Mary

Coleman Manshel, Anita

Cooper, Paula

Curtis-Gould, Leah

Davidge, Clara

Dintenfass, Terry

Dreier, Katherine S. 

Dwan, Virginia

Kasle, Gertrude

Kornblee, Jill

Kraushaar, Antoinette

Kroll Smith, Berthe "Bea"

Kuh, Katharine

Le Franc, Margaret

Leavin, Margo

Lust, Elenore

Lazuk, Vera

Mansion, Gracie

Meyer, Agnes E. 

Nicholson, Grace

Nosei, Annina

Faure, Patricia

Force, Juliana

Fischback, Marian (Cole)

Fried, Rose

Gechtoff, Ethel

Gibbons, Sallie (J.)

Gillespie, Elizabeth (Duane)

Gladstone, Barbara

Goodman, Marian

Grosman, Tatyana

Guggenheim, Peggy

Halpert, Edith (Gregor)

Hallowell, Sara(h) T(yson)

Harriman, Marie (Norton)

Harvey, Emily

Hearn, Pat

Jackson, Martha (Kellog)

Judd Ryan, Beatrice

Paris Dorothy
Parsons, Betty
Pearl, Marilyn
Pesner, Carole
Peterson Joan
Poindexter, Elinor
Quinn Sullivan, Mary
von Rebay, Hilla  
Reirling, Janelle
Roberts, Colette
Roosevelt, Jean. S. 
Schaefer, Bertha
Scheyer, Galka
Solomon, Holly
Sonnabend, Ilena
Sonnabend, Joan
Speyer, Darthea
Sterner, Marie (Norton)
Sundell, Mina (Castelli)
Talalay, Marjorie
Teschner, Ruth

Varga, Margit
Viviano, Catherine
Walinska, Anna
Ward, Eleanor
Washburn, Joan
Weill, Berthe
Wheeler, Candace
Whitney, Gertrude (Vanderbilt)
Willard, Marian
Williams, Mary
Williams, Abigail
Winer, Helene
Zabriskie, Virginia